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Benefits of gallium nitrate for navicular disease treatment in horses.

Have you ever wondered how you can help a horse having pain and bone problems as a result of navicular disease? The best medicine to save your horse is gallium nitrate. Having a sick animal can be a stressful experience people will always try to look for better medication to save their animals. Gallium treatment is more effective when used appropriately at an early stage of navicular disease. Note that, failure to early navicular treatment, your horse might remain crippled. Most individuals consider blood thinners which have proved to be less effective. So what causes navicular disease? Malnutrition, traumas, and over-extortion are the major causes of osteomalacia. Here are the uses and benefits of gallium treatment.

Gallium is a byproduct produced during the aluminum and zinc production process. Gallium nitrate crystals are produced when gallium is reacted with nitric acid. One of the advantages of using gallium nitrate is that it prevents calcium reabsorption and for that reason prevents hypocalcemic effect hence the borne remains strong. Note that, calcium reabsorption in the blood can lower your horse’s performance due to weak bones. In that case, if you note any hypocalcemia symptoms in your horses, it’s crucial to begin treatment immediately.

The second advantage of using gallium nitrate for navicular disease treatment in horses is that it is safe. Note that, for suffering animals, giving them drugs with high side effects can result in organ damage or even death. When administering any drugs to treat diseases it’s crucial to identify how they will react. Gallium nitrate is safe for use as they don’t cause any internal organ damage for suffering horses. The compound is easily excreted by the kidneys without any problems. Note that, if internal organs are damaged this will worsen the situation and it will be impossible for your animal to recover.

The third benefits are that gallium nitrate is cheap and affordable. Almost every horse owner can afford to buy gallium nitrate for their horses. Note that, in order to eliminate the navicular diseases that are affecting your horse you need to administer the drug for a long period of time. This can take years. And if the medicine is expensive, you might find you’re unable to buy the drug hence treatment discontinuation or inappropriate treatment. Gallium nitrate is affordable and readily available. In addition, you don’t need a vet to administer the drug as gallium nitrate solution is added during the feeding process. The only thing you need is to identify the quantity required for a single horse.

Taking care of your animals and welfare is crucial. Note that, a sick animal can give you a sleepless night the same way with your sick kid, friend, or family members. This is because you will always be thinking about their condition even when you are at work. As a result, you might even develop stress. When you note that your horse has some health issues like soundness and lameness, it is crucial to consult a vet to help identify the cause and offer the best solution. If your horse exhibits navicular disease symptoms consider immediately beginning gallium treatment.

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